The Goal

The Goal

Monday, 21 July 2014

CGW Day 1 - SCATT, Livefire, Shopping

After yesterday's travel up from Bisley to the ranges to drop off kit and then back to the hotel, we managed to get on the range for the first time. While the flags were upside down (and manufactured so) and the firing points a little on the angled side, there's a fullbore range in an undeniable state of readiness for the games. We managed to have a good wander around the complex and all the way down to the butts by the beach, and it looks like it's a pretty even-handed range; there's little cover on the left and some trees / low hills on the right which shouldn't give too much comfort to the high end of the target draw.

Chris and I both wanted to do a little SCATT before we hit the range and our team manager arranged for us to use the far end of the smallbore / air range to get set up. Following on from the dodgy results down at Bisley, I wanted to check both jackets to confirm that the old jacket was performing better and Chris just wanted to settle things down a bit.

The fullbore range is a bit of a trek from the main complex, but not as far as it is out to the clay ranges, so we politely requested a lift for our kit while we walked out. We shot at 600x and 1000x just to get some zeroes in a middling strength left-angled headwind worth maybe 3 left at 600x and 8 left at 1000x. Although it seemed reasonably strong, the offshore breeze was actually pretty steady. The steeply raked firing points didn't seem to phase us too much and groups were generally good. We retired to our hotel looking forward to getting stuck in.

The hotel, while allegedly four stars, is significantly undersupplied with crackers, cheese and the other small luxuries which make life worth living. We ambled through the town to the nearest Tesco, pausing to make a brief detour on our return to see a bronze statue of Desperate Dan. Bonzer.

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