The Goal

The Goal

Friday, 25 July 2014

CWG Day 4 - Haar, Haar de Haar Haar

To quote the great management guru Ben Hardy, miscommunication is the mother of f***uption. Chris, our manager Martin, and I had quit the range early the preceding day, so we never got to hear that there was only going to be 1 detail at 500x, so we never signed up to shoot in it. Fortunately, the range staff used a bit of common sense and allowed us to fill in after the first firers had finished and put five rounds down to get a good zero. The first was in a very slight mist, the third was quite foggy and the final of these shots was fired "using the force" as there was a barely-perceptible grey smudge in the distance which might have been a target.

The haar had come in with a vengeance just as the detail finished and we broke to move back to 900x. Previously, the sun had burned through the thick fog quite quickly, but that wasn't to be today. The match officials made the sensible decision to break early for lunch, and we sloped back to the athletes' lounge behind 1000x. After lunch, though it didn't look any better and we just had to wait. I had a good snooze behind the firing point and got a decent amount of reading done.

Eventually, some four hours later, we received the all clear and managed to shoot at 900x. I had a good core group, but with one or two low shots. Still, something to build on.

Back to the hotel. Dinner. Cheese & crackers snack. Bed. Sleep.

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