The Goal

The Goal

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Imperial Day 6 - The Magic Bullet Magnet Theory

A very easy day today, I only shot in the 1st stage of the St. George's challenge vase this morning and took the afternoon off (thanks to a very understanding county captain.) I managed to clean St. George's I although with a wobble in my aim and a slightly looser group than I'm used to at short range. I've not been happy with the wobble, as I'm usually pretty still even with a 0.5 Eagle Eye. I had hoped the jacket retailoring would have sorted any residual position problems from running-related weightloss.

Good centring of the wobble saw me through and this is the basis of what I call the magic bullet magnet theory; that if your group is centred and your shot release at least acceptable, then a bit of wobble is acceptable. Because the natural tendency of the rifle is to naturally point at the middle of the target, then shots that look a bit wayward will tend to get sucked back nearer the middle than they may look when the shot broke. The opposite is also true, of course, if you don't have a good natural point of aim (NPA) in the middle of the target then shots tend to get pulled away.

Will clean the rifle, refoul on zero range and try again tomorrow.

PS - Sorry for the historic post. I'll catch up the days missed owing to laptop battery issues.

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