The Goal

The Goal

Friday, 11 July 2014

Imperial Meeting Day 1

After the past of few weeks of desperately wanting to finish work and start shooting, I made it down to Bisley on Wednesday night with the idea of doing the shopping and getting camp set up early on Thursday morning; however when my alarm went off at 06:45 everything suddenly felt significantly less pressing than the night before and I only made it out of bed around 08:45.

A morning of shopping and domestic bliss ensued, as I had nothing important to do until the Veteran's Match at 17:15 in the afternoon. Other, that is, than the hour and a half of work I owed my boss, which eventually got done in the Surrey Rifle Association bar at lunchtime because of the club's Wi-Fi connection.

The afternoon rolled along quietly and I sloped over to the 500 yard point after a cup of tea round at Chris (Chris Watson, my shooting partner for Glasgow 2014) and Vicki's caravan near the British Commonwealth Rifle Club. I shot an acceptable 50.6 in fairly benign conditions, coached by Chris, for whom I later returned the favour. Our duty done, we headed off to the Old Sergeant's Mess for a protein-heavy barbecue and the club AGM.

A sensible start to this year's campaign.

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