The Goal

The Goal

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Imperial Meeting 2015, Day 2 - Blown Away

In fullbore rifle there is nothing so deliciously frustrating as a day when one is shooting well, but is thoroughly challenged by the difficulty and capriciousness of the wind.

I'm getting to grips with the rifle kindly lent me by CJW, legendary partner of Glasgow 2014 fame: My elevations have been fair to good all day, and appear to have gradually improved as I've gone on; however the wind has been excitingly difficult with wide wind brackets spanning both sides of zero at both short and long ranges. Perhaps because of the angle of the wind relative to Stickledown (long range) and Century (short range) it's felt like the Century ranges at 500x and 600x have perhaps even been slightly trickier than the Admiral Hutton at 900x.

Either way I ended up with a 49.4 at 600x, a 48.3 at 500x and a 47.3 at 900x. Not going to come even close to winning anything even on such a difficult day and I'm wishing I'd just been slightly smarter on the wind at points, but am quietly pleased with a number of big and successful changes I made.

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