The Goal

The Goal

2016 Training Plan

Trentham may be but a distant memory; however I've got my sights set on something a little different this year. Owing to there being a CSF at Belmont in Brisbane in 2017, the Welsh Commonwealth Games Trials will be taking place this year and, to put it bluntly, I've got unfinished business in that department.

In 2016, I will:
  • Win the Welsh Commonwealth Games Trials; and
  • Shoot at least one Minimum Consideration Score (MCS) of 399 ex 405
In order to meet those outcome goals I will:
  • Average 49.5 or better at short range
  • Average 48.5 or better at long range
  • Keep my kit in top condition
  • Maintain my cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve my physical resilience
In order to achieve the necessary level of performance I will:
  • Shoot livefire at least once per month from March to August
  • Train in bad conditions as well as good
  • Shoot SCATT at least three times per week, totalling a minimum of 80 shots per week
  • Warm up gently and stretch before each SCATT session and livefire shoot
  • Run at least times per week, totalling a minimum of 45 kilometres on average
  • Practise shot visualisation at least four times per week totalling a minimum of 40 minutes
  • Do light weights / resistance training at least three times per week totalling a minimum of 60 minutes

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