The Goal

The Goal

2017 Training Plan

Trentham may be but a distant memory; however I've got my sights set on something a little different this year. Owing to there being a CSF at Belmont in Brisbane in 2017 and a shot at the CWG in 2018, to put it bluntly I've got unfinished business in that department.

In 2017, I will:
  • Shoot at least two MCSs in the 2017 season
  • Come in the top 10 in the Bisley Grand Agg
  • Come in the top 2 in the Welsh Championships
  • Come in the top 4 in either the individual or the pairs matches at the CSF in Australia
In order to meet those outcome goals I will:
  • Maintain a short-range average of 49.5 ex 50 or better in targeted competitions
  • Improve my long-range average to 48.5 ex 50 or better in targeted competitions
  • Keep my kit in top condition
  • Maintain a good level of aerobic fitness but not overtrain
  • Improve my core strength and injury resistance
In order to achieve the necessary level of performance I will:
  • Shoot at least 100 shots per week on a SCATT from Jan – Oct on average
  • Shoot livefire at least twice per month from Jan – Oct on average
  • Make at least every other livefire training opportunity a long range shoot
  • Take the opportunity to shoot in difficult wind / weather conditions and on difficult ranges
  • Take at least 2 hours aerobic exercise per week
  • Do light weights / resistance training / core strength exercises at least 3 times per week
  • Practice visualisation at least 5 times per week, totalling at least 1 hour on average
  • Stretch before and after every SCATT session and live fire training / competition
  • Get a new tailored jacket at the start of the 2017 season
  • Get my rifle, sights and spotting scope serviced at the start of the 2017 season
  • Do live firing tests with identical ammunition to the proposed Commonwealth Games issue

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  1. Gaz, I think you'll appreciate this guy's efforts. Maybe add a Waffenlauf to the 2018 plan?